Lifepak 20e with Capnography (refurbished)

Lifepak 20e with Capnography (refurbished)

Price: $5,500 GST free

Used Lifepak 20e  from hospital crash carts and refurbished in our  workshop.  These devices are in excellent condition with 3 lead ECG, AED/Manual Biphasic defibrillation, Sync cardioversion and pacing.  with the included capnograph you are equipped for procedural sedations and advanced airway management in your clinic or specialist practice.

(note supplied devices are without SPO2 as pictured)

The LIFEPAK 20E series was the first defibrillator/monitor explicitly designed for the hospital market. Physio-Control continues to be at the forefront of improving patient care with 20e and CODE SUMMARY to report a critical event record, including a cardiorespiratory event, vital signs log and the associated waveforms.


  • LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor with BLS/ACLS front door
  • cprMAX technology version 1.5 (consistent with 2005 AHA/ERC Guidelines)
  • Active color matrix LCD screen
  • Manual and AED functionality
  • Built-in AC power
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery
  • ADAPTIV™ Biphasic, escalating energy up to 360J
  • Synchronized cardioversion
  • 3- and 5-wire ECG monitoring capability with lead select (3-lead ECG cable included with ship kit)
  • CODE SUMMARY critical event record with data port