CORPULS 3 Monitor Defibrillator (refurbished)

CORPULS 3 Monitor Defibrillator (refurbished)

Price: from $18,500 GST free

MedSat Technologies carries the Corpuls 3 Slimline monitor defibrillator.  Current model features:

  • 12-channel rest ECG, heart frequency
  • HES ECG analysis software
  • Masimo Rainbow SET® technology for measuring SpO2, PP, PI, SpCO, SpMet, and SpHb (requires optional sensor)
  • (Automated) non-invasive blood pressure measurement (SunTech®)
  • CO2 measurement with the capONE® main stream technology (also in non-intubated patients)
  • Inherent display shows the vital parameters, remaining time and alarms
  • Acoustic signaller
  • Microphone for voice recording
  • Data export via CompactFlash®
  • OPENHOUSE accessories bag for sensors and cables

Medsat also carries accessories for each device including:

  • TEST Box
  • Monitor Mount
  • FERNO INTRAXX defib brackets
  • 12/240Volt Power supplies

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