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In 1998, a vision was formed on an isolated pipeline project that encompassed a cost effective telecommunication system married with high quality onsite medical care. After witnessing several expensive medical evacuations for relatively minor injuries, it was proposed that improving telecommunication and integrating medical systems it could be done better. Since then, MedSat Technologies Pty Ltd has successfully drawn skills from an Electrical, Satellite and Paramedical backgrounds to better service remotes worksites with a single cost effective solution. The combining of telecommunications infrastructure supporting a Telemedicine based medical facility to improve patient outcomes and reduce Lost Time Injuries in the workplace has been proven thorough out Australia and Asia. Our First Combined Telecommunications/Medical facility was constructed in 1999.

Over the next few years we refined this system and increased our clinical expertise to cater for projects in more remote locations with more complex technical requirements. The Philosophy of the business has remained the same. To provide innovative solutions to telecommunication problems and to work with Project teams to manage risks, reducing morbidity from injury and illness.

After returning to Australia from projects in Asia and the USA in 2002, it was recognized that although there had been significant improvements in medical and telecommunications infrastructure, projects outside of the major population areas remained poorly serviced and at great expense. In 2003, MedSat Technologies Pty Ltd began developing several solutions to provide reliable Telecommunications and Internet services anywhere. We now provide Medical and Paramedical staff for projects that may have increased risks due to their isolation or the type of work performed, working closely with Safety and Company Medical staff to improve patient outcomes and maintain a high level of clinical care.

In 2008, MedSat Technologies Pty Ltd provides Internet, fax and telephone services for any project including off-shore and maritime solutions. We design and install the complete package for your resort, remote community or worksite. We have a dealer network across Queensland and can send technicians at short notice throughout Australia and Asia. Our client list includes Woodside Energy, Department of Emergency Services Queensland and Downer UCG. We are a QGITC certified company.

Our Medical division employs a Medical Director to oversee practice, provide training and assist with project risk assessment. Our Paramedical and nursing staff are hand picked for their Qualifications, skill and experience in working without the support of a formal EMS. MedSat Technologies Pty Ltd will work with your staff to provide a Medical facility that best caters for your client needs be it mining, construction, maritime or community based.

If you have tried others and been told it is too hard or too expensive, talk to MedSat Technologies Pty Ltd, we’ll get it done professionally and on time.


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